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Body, Mind And Spirit: The Trinity Made Holy By Meditation.

Body, Mind and Spirit: The Trinity Made Holy by Meditation.

To be aligned is to be in flow. To be in flow is to work with the currents of our life in such a way that we become inspired, motivated and joyful. We accept failure gracefully and don’t struggle with currents that we have no business in. When one is in alignment, they clearly understand what it is in life that gives them satisfaction; they clearly see where their passions and skills meet. They use this to manifest abundance and passion.

Our body, mind and spirit must be aligned for us to move towards our ultimate goal or purpose. A healthy body is the foundation of our vitality. A healthy mind the foundation of our emotional wellbeing. A connection to Spirit within us is the ability to see beyond our individual stories and create lasting happiness that is not dependant on circumstances in our external environment. The human experience is a meeting of these three aspects. The body can be compared to roots of a tree, nourishing our entire being, providing us with the vehicle to have this human experience here on Earth. If something goes wrong with our car, we immediately get it serviced, and yet most of us don’t spend enough time taking care of the only vehicle we have in this life; the human body. The mind can be compared to the trunk of a tree, providing stability, grounding, clarity and vision. The mind is a tool; one that we can use to our destruction or one that we use to help us manifest our visions into the physical world. If our home begins to get cluttered or dirty, we immediately begin to clean, and yet very few actually take the time to clean the clutter in our heads. The spirit can be compared to the branches of a tree, touching the sky. Spirit provides us with the capacity to look beyond our individual, physical-mental experiences. It can allow us to rise beyond our suffering. It won’t take away pain, but it will change our response to pain from suffering to joy. It is that within us that is universal, which exists in all things, everywhere.

Meditation helps bring our mind and spirit into alignment. Meditation develops witness consciousness. The ability to observe our own stream of thoughts. If we achieve this state of observation we begin to question; “If I am the one observing these thoughts, then who is it that is thinking them?” As we dive deeper into meditation we recognise that our thoughts don’t necessarily belong to us. They are a stream that flows through us, dependent on our current circumstances and influenced by our past experiences. Numerous masters past and present, all point to the same truth. That suffering lies in what we identify ourselves with. If we identify strongly with the thinker in us, we suffer, only because our experiences are not within our control, and thus the thoughts that arise from having those experiences are also not under our control. Once we begin to identify with the observer, that part within us that is a step behind our thoughts, we no longer suffer terribly, only because the observer can choose how he/she wants to react to the thoughts that are arising. Awareness is the fabric of spirit, thoughts the fabric of the mind. When thoughts arise out of awareness, the mind has been domesticated by spirit. This is the goal of meditation.