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Rohil is an amazing teacher- he has so much knowledge to share and so many amazing insights on yoga as a whole. His practice shows the amount of dedication he puts into training of others. Would highly recommend him as a teacher- an absolute master of yoga. I feel very privileged to be taught by some one so knowledgeable.

I absolutely loved getting to learn from Rohil in October, 2018. His ashtanga classes are tough, but I absolutely fell in love with being able to track my progress with the help of his deep knowledge of the practice and his adjustments. Rohil is extremely kind hearted and hardworking, and you will walk away from his practices and classes with a deeper love and understanding for yoga. I only wish I could take his classes every day!

Rohil is one of the best teachers I have ever come across and it was an absolute privilege to be one of his students. His genuine passion for yoga is inspirational and he truly does practise what he preaches. As a teacher, you will be hard pushed to find one as supportive as Rohil, who will motivate you to push yourself every day - on and off the mat. If you want to deepen your physical practice as well as learn more about the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga from a true yogi, then Rohil is your guy.

Rohil is truly a beautiful teacher who is very knowledgeable in his teachings. He is passionate about his own practices in life which is apparent and shines through his teachings. Rohil is patient, kind and intelligent, with a disciplined approach that motivates you to increase your effort in your body, mind and soul. I am very grateful to have had Rohil as my mentor for my Yoga Teacher Training. Hoping to continue my YTT journey with him in the future!

Thank you Rohil, for creating a clear, creative and joyful learning experience!

Not sure if they make teachers or humans better than they do @shivatmanyoga ...!! His 200 hr YTT program has been truly transformational.

“Patience is a virtue” is an understatement with this soul! Words cannot describe the admiration and respect I have for Rohil!! Wise beyond his years and truly a legend...So grateful our paths have crossed and looking forward to keeping in touch and staying inspired.. I’d recommend any of his classes or YTT programs!!

Rohil was one of my main teachers during my 200 YTT in Bali. He was such an inspiration, his passion for yoga, his deep and profound knowledge of the philosophy and his open supported mind helped me to go deeper with my own practise. It was an honour being part of his courses and his motivation encourages me to give my best every day - on and off the mat. Can't wait to share my further achievements with him.  If you can get Rohil as a teacher, should not hesitate a second.