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I began my journey into yoga by coming into contact with meditation 7 years ago. In a quest to find my true Self, I visited many masters and guides from different parts of the country. Soon the realization dawned that the real Guru is within, and other masters are simply mirrors. A year later I began to complement my meditation practice with Ashtanga-vinyasa. I have spent long periods of time over the past few years with my teacher, Ajay Kumar(sthalam8) learning Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore-style. Soon afterwards I began to teach, feeling the need to share the sacred practices that have brought about so much peace and fulfilment in my personal journey.

My unique style of teaching goes beyond simply the physical practice. The nurturing, yet challenging environment created in the classes push students to tap into their inner potential. My intention is to bring about lasting inner transformation through asana practice. I believe that yoga is not simply a physical practice and strive to highlight the philosophies that underlie these rich and sacred traditions. Using yoga as not only a tool for physical transformation, but also to effect deeper mental and spiritual change.