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I can’t practice Yoga; My body is not flexible; I don’t have the time.

In asana practice we use physical postures as a means of pushing our boundaries (physical + mental) in healthy ways. When we master one set of asanas, we progress to more advanced asanas, again to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. I often see people discouraged from practicing because they don’t believe they have the right kind of body. Yoga is for all bodies. You don’t adapt to yoga, the yoga is meant to adapt to your body. Any and evey action produces an effect. Yoga as a method produces certain effects regardless of body type. The journey to reach those effects will vary. But if done regularly, the effects are certain. As I often say to my students it is never the body that is unprepared, it is the mind that is unwilling. And when people speak of lack of time, it’s more to do with priorities. Do you prioritize your own well being first? I know yogis that practice daily, have a full day at work and bring up children all at once.

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