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Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation (Online)


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If you are suffering symptoms of poor health, or you have a condition that impedes your optimal wellbeing, an ayurveda lifestyle consultation can diagnose where you are out-of-balance, and offer advice and treatments designed to bring you back to optimal health.

Even if you are not sick, and are already enjoying good health, an ayurvedic consultation can be enormously beneficial by supporting you to make sure that your good health lasts a lifetime!

My consultations are based on Ayurvedic principles that can help prevent health problems before they arise. While modern medical practices focus mainly on symptoms, Ayurveda addresses the root cause of illness with an emphasis on prevention of disease.

The Ayurvedic lifestyle is focused on living in tune with the rhythms of Nature to maintain optimal health. I will recommend a daily routine, nourishing foods, and balancing herbs, all based on your current state of balance or imbalance.

What to expect from a consultation with me:

  • Detailed analysis of the body’s constitution ( Vatta, Pitta and Kapha)
  • Nutrition plan according to your dosha (constitution) analysis and imbalance.
  • Ayurveda meal plans and recipes to enable a healthy metabolism .
  • Tips for improving sleep and energy levels.
  • Recommendations for herbs and supplements to help with your physical & mental wellbeing
  • Gain an understanding about your gut bacteria and how to balance it
  • How to incorporate spices and herbs into your food.

Price: INR 6500/- (approx $80) for a 75 mins session. I will be in touch with you via email after payment to schedule a time for our call.



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